Runaway Drakaina


Hello! You are now reading Runaway Drakaina. This is an all ages fantasy adventure webcomic!

Ellie is an anxious girl who seemed perfectly normal until she was mysteriously afflicted with glittering green scales and large dragon tail. Her parents have done their best to slow this curse and hide their daughter from the world. However, they could never stop Jane, a rowdy child with big plans, from discovering this secret. Runaway Drakaina is the story of these two best friends running away together. While the journey is difficult, the two are determined to find a home of their own.

Runaway Drakaina updates every other Wednesday, 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Content Warnings

Runaway Drakaina is an all ages comic which contains the following topics:

  • Depiction and Discussion of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Depiction of Animal Harm
  • Discussion of Death

The list shall be updated as the series continues, and the author thanks you for your understanding!

About the Author

Sara DeVoe (Cosmigon in most online spaces) is the author & illustrator of Runaway Drakaina. She is a 26 year old lesbian illustrator and comic artist with a passion for fantasy/sci-fi comics!

While Sara handles the majority of writing and illustration, She often consults her loving partner Charlie Fontenot for writing assistance. Additionally, she has commissioned numerous people with a wide variety of skills to help realize her vision - and intends to continue doing so! These talented individuals, their roles, and links where you can find them are listed below!