Runaway Drakaina

Happy 4th Anniversary, New Merch, and Summer Hiatus Announcement

Hi everyone, the 4th anniversary of Runaway Drakaina was just a few days ago, on May 27th!

I can't believe it's already been 4 years, it feels like so long and also like no time at all. I have to give a special shout out to my partner, Charlie, who's always been a sounding board for my various writing struggles, as well as the discord servers for both Spiderforest and Webcomics Garden for being creative communities I can sink myself into when feeling the highs and lows of comic creation.

In celebration of the anniversary, I dedicated the new update to my merch store to Runaway Drakaina (along with some extra self indulgent fandom stuff! hehe). I used to have some designs on Redbubble, but now that I purchase & manage my own stock I have to work on adding stock slowly. But being my own boss means I have the ability to make a lot more exciting stuff!

Go check out to find a new sticker & two cute wood charms featuring our plucky protags, who WILL be appearing in the next chapter again~!

Lastly, speaking of the next chapter, I'm going to be taking a brief hiatus to take care of pressing IRL stuff/commission work/spending time with my family ect! We'll be back AUGUST 7TH!!

If you'd like to still see new pages in the mean time I'm posting them as I finish them to my patreon at!

Griffin crying as the author announces hiatus

Love all of you for your support & interest in my comic, here's to many more years of Runaway Drakaina to come!!

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