Hello! This is a fantasy webcomic called Runaway Drakaina! 

What's Runaway Drakaina about?
Ellie was your average girl living in Riverwood - that is, until the day the mythic dragon's curse took hold. Her parents hid her away from the world so that no one could learn of her glittering green scales and large dragon tail. However, despite their best efforts, they could could never stop Ellie's best friend Jane from discovering this secret. Jane wanted to help Ellie escape, and so now two children have run away into the forest together. They're certain they can handle this!

Who makes Runaway Drakaina?
Sara DeVoe is the author & illustrator of this comic. She is a 25 year old lesbian illustrator and comic artist with a passion for fantasy/sci-fi comics! You can learn more about her at her portfolio website!
How can I support Sara? 
You can support Sara by either pledging to her patreon
or by following her on twitter and instagram

Has Sara written/designed this entire comic by herself?!
Nope! While the majority of the plot has been outlined by Sara, she often consults her loving partner Charlie Fontenot for writing assistance. 
Additionally, she pays talented editors and artists good money to help her realize her vision - their roles and links are listed below!

Akira B. - editor
Emrys Hiatt - editor
Lydia Suen - cultural consultant/sensitivity reader 
Alexis Simms - cultural consultant/sensitivity reader
Kira Aitch - cultural consultant/sensitivity reader
Spireworks - logo designer
Puzz - enviromental designer
Michael - character designer